Typography, typesetting and measurement

Typographic Measurement

Typesetting – All About Space Typography and typesetting is a game of controlling spaces, so its tools are all keyed to precise measuring. Because of the intimate scale in which typographic adjustments are made, type’s measurements have evolved independently of the coarser units used for other forms of craft or commerce. Although the metricsystem has […]

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Typography Guidelines for Motion Designers

When designing for the screen, people tend to underestimate the importance of type. You would be wrong to think that only print designers have to kern, adjust, weight and organize type meticulously. That’s exactly what separates semipro’s from high standard professionals. Let’s talk about minuteness for a bit. It is strictly a lie that motion […]

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Typography – Rhythm

Rhythm is a state of movement that is generated from within the composition. It need not to be formal, but it must convey the graphic designer´s intent.
Typographic Rhythm
All rhythm is supported by secondary forces – undercurrents that often go unnoticed, but nonetheless energize the overall dramatic intent.
In typography these secondary forces are the eddies found within the shapes of letters.

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